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13B (1991AJ01)

(See Energy Level Diagrams for 13B)

GENERAL: See also (1986AJ01) and Table 13.1 preview 13.1 [Table of Energy Levels] (in PDF or PS) here.

Model calculations: (1988WO04, 1989PO1K, 1989WO1E).

Complex reactions involving 13B: (1985BO1A, 1986AV1B, 1986BI1A, 1986UT01, 1987AN1A, 1987BA38, 1987SA25, 1987VI02, 1988CA06, 1988RU01, 1988SA19, 1989KI13, 1989SA10, 1989YO02, 1990HA46).

Muon and neutrino capture and reactions: (1985KO39).

Pion capture and reactions (See also reactions 5 and 6): (1985SA06, 1988HA12, 1989JE02).

Hypernuclei: (1986FE1A, 1986ME1F, 1986WU1D, 1988MA1G, 1989BA92).

Antinucleon interactions: (1988MA48).

Other topics: (1985AN28, 1986AN07).

Ground-state properties of 13B: (1985AN28, 1988VA03, 1988WO04, 1989SA10, 1989WO1E, 1990LO10).

Q = 47.8 ± 4.6 mb (1978LEZA). See also (1989RA17).

μ = +3.17778(51) nm (1978LEZA).

Interaction cross sections at 790 MeV/A for 13B ions with Be, C, and Al are reported by (1988TA10). The interaction radius and the r.m.s. radius for the nucleon distribution in 13B have also been derived (1988TA10).

1. 13B(β-)13C Qm = 13.437

The half-life of 13B is 17.36 ± 0.16 ms: see (1981AJ01). See also (1988SA04). The branching ratios to various 13C states are shown in Table 13.2 preview 13.2 (in PDF or PS): they indicate Jπ = 1/2- or 3/2- for 13Bg.s.. See also (1989PO1K, 1989SA1P, 1989WO1E; theor.).

2. 7Li(7Li, p)13B Qm = 5.962

Observed proton and γ-ray groups are shown in Table 13.3 preview 13.3 (in PDF or PS). See also 14C.

3. 11B(t, p)13B Qm = -0.233

Observed proton groups are displayed in Table 13.3 preview 13.3 (in PDF or PS).

4. 12C(13C, 12N)13B Qm = -30.776

See (1986VO02, 1988VO06) and 12N in (1990AJ01).

5. 13C(γ, π+)13B Qm = -153.006

At Ee = 195 MeV the 13B Ex region to 12 MeV has been studied by (1983MI06): they find that the photopion reaction predominantly excites M2 states at low q and M4 states at high q. Fits to the data are obtained by assuming the excitation of 13Bg.s. and 13B*(3.5, 6.4, 9.0) [the latter are clearly due to unresolved groupings of levels]. Comparisons are made with the 13C(e, e') work in the analog region in 13C (1983MI06). [For T = 3/2 states see Table 13.6 preview 13.6 (in PDF or PS).] For other work on this reaction see (1986AJ01). See also reaction 40 in 13C, the "General" section and (1986SI07; theor.).

6. 13C(π-, γ)13B Qm = 126.131

Gamma rays have been observed which are associated with the 13B ground state; an unresolved doublet at Ex ≈ 3.5 - 3.7 MeV; sharp states at Ex ≈ 6.5 and 7.6 MeV; a broad level (or unresolved levels) at ≈ 10.2 MeV (1983MA16; see for radiative capture branching ratios). The analogs of the peaks at Ex = 6.5, 7.6 and 10.2 MeV, calculated to be at 13C*(21.6, 22.7, 25.3), are attributed to a ΔL = 1, ΔS = 1, ΔT = 1 spin-isospin giant dipole resonance of 13C (1983MA16). See also the "General" section.

7. 13C(n, p)13B Qm = -12.655

The 0° ground-state differential cross section has been measured at En = 198 MeV (1988JA01). At En = 65 MeV, 13B*(0, 3.5) and the region from 6 - 10 MeV have been studied (1986WAZU; prelim.). See also (1986FO1E, 1987BR32, 1989SOZY, 1989SOZW) and (1986ALZJ).

8. 13C(d, 2p)13B Qm = -14.880

At Ed = 70 MeV the angular distribution to 13Bg.s. has been reported. Structures at Ex = 3.8, 5.2, 6.6 MeV are also observed. For VAP measurements see 15N (1986MO27).

9. 13C(7Li, 7Be)13B Qm = -14.299

At E(7Li) = 21 MeV/A, forward angular distributions are reported to 13Bg.s. and to unresolved structures at 3.5, 4.0, 5.1, 6.3, 7.0 and 7.6 MeV, and to a broad (Γ ≈ 2.3 MeV) structure at 9.5 MeV. The latter is suggested to be due to the GDR (1990NA03) [see for possible Jπ assignments].

10. 14C(γ, p)13B Qm = -20.832

See (1987GO09; theor.).

11. 14C(t, α)13B Qm = -1.017

See (1986AJ01).