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General Tables

The General Tables for the most recent TUNL evaluation of "Energy Levels of Light Nuclei, A = 8, 9, 10" published in Nuclear Physics A745 (2004) p.155 and "Energy Levels of Light Nuclei, A = 5, 6, 7" published in Nuclear Physics A708 (2002) p.3 are available below. Beginning with the A = 5, 6, 7 nuclei, the General Tables will no longer be included in the publications of "Energy Levels of Light Nuclei" in Nuclear Physics A. The tables will be placed online here in HTML format and will contain NNDC and/or TUNL key numbers for each publication, along with a one-line description/title of the article for each. Dynamic links to the NSR database will be provided for NNDC key numbers, and links to a reference database with a short author citation will be provided for TUNL key numbers. The tables consist mainly of theoretical papers dealing with nuclei, although some experimental papers not otherwise classifiable are also included.

  8C   9C  10C 
8B 9B  10B 
6Be 7Be 8Be 9Be 10Be
5Li 6Li 7Li 8Li 9Li 10Li
5He 6He 7He 8He 9He 10He
 5   6   7   8   9  10

For browsers that do not support image maps, links to the General Tables are listed below:

Last modified: 30 May 2017