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How should I cite these pages?

It is important to cite information you obtain from this web site, just as you would a journal article or book. Here are a few helpful examples of how to format references and items found on this website.


For publications please cite the journal Nuclear Physics A that the evaluation was published in. For example, ``Energy Levels of Light Nuclei, A = 11'' should be cited as: J.H. Kelley, E. Kwan, J.E. Purcell, C.G. Sheu, H.R. Weller, Nucl. Phys. A880 (2012) 88: 2012KE01

Level Diagram:
TUNL Nuclear Data Evaluation Project, "Energy Level Diagram, 11Be (2012)". Available at https://nucldata.tunl.duke.edu/figures/11figs/11_02_2012.pdf.

General Tables:
D.R. Tilley, C.M. Cheves, J.L. Godwin, G.M. Hale, H.M. Hofmann, J.H. Kelley, G. Sheu, H.R. Weller, "Energy Levels of Light Nuclei, A = 5, 6, 7", 6He General Tables. Available at https://nucldata.tunl.duke.edu/General_Tables/6he.shtml.

HTML for Nuclides:
For HTML please cite the journal Nuclear Physics A that the nuclide was published. For example, 8He from (2004TI06) should be cited as: D.R. Tilley, J.H. Kelley, J.L. Godwin, D.J. Millener, J.E. Purcell, C.G. Sheu, H.R. Weller, Nucl. Phys. A745 (2004) 155: 2004TI06.

ENSDF information/ENSDAT output:
The ENSDF/ENSDAT information is available through the National Nuclear Data Center at http://www.nndc.bnl.gov/ensdf/index.jsp. To cite ENSDF/ENSDAT please refer to the web address above.

Last modified: 01 September 2020