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20Na (1987AJ02)

(See Energy Level Diagrams for 20Na)

GENERAL: See (1983AJ01) and Table 20.27 [Table of Energy Levels] (in PDF or PS).

(1981WA1Q, 1983ANZQ, 1983BR29, 1985AN28, 1985HA1N, 1985RO1N, 1986AN07, 1986GA1I).

1. 20Na(β+)20Ne Qm = 13.887

20Na decays by positron emission to 20Ne*(1.63) and to a number of other excited states of 20Ne: see Table 20.26 (in PDF or PS) and reaction 53 in 20Ne. The half-life of 20Na is 447.9 ± 2.3 msec [weighted mean of values quoted in (1978AJ03) and in (1983CL01)]; Jπ = 2+: see (1978AJ03). See also (1986HO35).

2. 19F(p, π-)20Na Qm = -140.608

Angular distributions and Ay have been studied at Epol. p = 199.6 MeV to 20Na*(0.74, 1.85, 3.01, 4.11) [probably unresolved]: it is suggested that the latter two have J = 6 or 7 (1987CA05).

3. 19Ne(p, γ)20Na Qm = 2.199

(1986LA07) have calculated the reaction rates at stellar energies. They are higher than those previously estimated. The higher rate implies a greater production of intermediate A elements in the r-p process in stellar evolution. See also (1987LA14).

4. 20Ne(p, n)20Na Qm = -14.670

For observed neutron groups see Tables 20.40 (in PDF or PS) in (1978AJ03) and 20.27 (in PDF or PS) here. For preliminary work at Ep = 120 MeV see (1983DEZT). See also (1986BA16) and (1983KN05; theor.).

5. 20Ne(3He, t)20Na Qm = -13.906

States derived from triton groups listed in Tables 20.40 (in PDF or PS) in (1978AJ03) and 20.27 (in PDF or PS) here: see, in particular, (1987LA14). [I am grateful to Professor M. Wiescher for communicating these results to me].

6. 20Mg(β+)20Na Qm = 10.731

20Mg decays to 20Na*(6.57 ± 0.05) [Jπ = 0+; T = 2]. That state decays by proton emission: see 20Mg.

7. 27Al(20Ne, 27Mg)20Na Qm = -16.498

The Δ resonance is very strongly excited in this reaction at E(20Ne) = 950 MeV/A (1986BA16).