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20Mg (1987AJ02)

(See the Isobar Diagram for 20Mg)

20Mg has been populated in the 24Mg(α, 8He) reaction at Eα = 127 and 156 MeV and in the 20Ne(3He, 3n) reaction at E(3He) = 70 MeV. The super-allowed decay of 20Mg to the first T = 2 (Jπ = 0+) state of 20Na [Ex = 6.57 ± 0.05 MeV] has been reported from observations of the subsequent decay of that state by proton emission [see Fig. 12, Energy Level Diagram for 20Na]. The partial half-life is 95+80-50 msec leading to a branching ratio of (3 ± 2)% for the super-allowed decay; log ft = 3.18. The results for A = 20 are in agreement with the quadratic form of the IMME: see (1978AJ03, 1983AJ01). See also (1985AN28, 1986AN07) and (1983ANZQ; theor.).