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17N (1986AJ04)

(See Energy Level Diagrams for 17N)

GENERAL: See (1982AJ01) and Table 17.1 [Table of Energy Levels] (in PDF or PS).

Theoretical papers and reviews: (1983ANZQ, 1983AU1B, 1983EN04, 1983FR1A, 1983MA06, 1983WI1A, 1984AS1D, 1984BA24, 1985PO11, 1986HA1P).

Experimental papers: (1981ME13, 1981OL1C, 1983OL1A, 1983PL1A, 1984GR08, 1984HI1A, 1985BE40, 1985FL1D).

1. (a) 17N(β-)17O* → 16O + n Qm = 4.557
(b) 17N(β-)17O Qm = 8.680

The half-life of 17N is 4.173 ± 0.004 sec. The decay is principally [see Table 17.3 (in PDF or PS)] to the neutron unbound states 17O*(4.55, 5.38, 5.94) [Jπ = 3/2-, 3/2-, 1/2-]. The nature of the decay is in agreement with Jπ = 1/2- for 17Ng.s.: see (1982AJ01). For a comparison of the 17N and 17Ne decays see Table 17.4 (in PDF or PS). For GT transition rates see (1983SN03) and (1983RA29). See also (1977FR19).

2. 11B(7Li, p)17N Qm = 8.415

Observed proton groups and γ-rays are displayed in Table 17.5 (in PDF or PS). Table 17.2 (in PDF or PS) shows branching ratio and lifetime measurements.

3. 14C(6Li, 3He)17N Qm = -5.697

At E(6Li) = 34 MeV angular distributions have been studied to 17N*(1.91, 2.53, 3.63, 4.10, 5.17) and the results compared with those for the analog reaction to 17O (reaction 16) (1983CU04).

4. 15N(t, p)17N Qm = -0.109

Observed proton groups are displayed in Table 17.6 (in PDF or PS).

5. 18O(γ, p)17N Qm = -15.942

The giant resonance at Ex = 23.5 MeV decays to 17Ng.s. and to the first excited states of 17N (1982BA03). See also 18O in (1983AJ01).

6. 18O(d, 3He)17N Qm = -10.449

Observed groups of 3He ions are displayed in Table 17.5 (in PDF or PS). See also (1982AJ01) and 20F in (1983AJ01).

7. 18O(t, α)17N Qm = 3.872

See Tables 17.2 (in PDF or PS) and 17.5 (in PDF or PS).