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Energy Levels of Light Nuclei
A = 16 - 17 (1993TI07)
(Revised Manuscript from 1993)

An evaluation of A = 16 - 17 was published in Nuclear Physics A564 (1993) p.1. The version here lacks the introduction and overview tables that appeared in the full version, and is arranged in a different manner. The figures are now present in the pdf documents, and are also available elsewhere on this server (see below).

PDF HTML Figures
A = 16        16He, 16Li, 16Be, 16B, 16C, 16N, 16O, 16F, 16Ne, 16Na, 16Mg, 16Al, 16Si A = 16
A = 17 17He, 17Li, 17Be, 17B, 17C, 17N, 17O, 17F, 17Ne, 17Na, 17Mg, 17Al, 17Si, 17P A = 17

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Last modified: 02 December 2010