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TUNL Nuclear Data Group: Who we are and what we do.

Our publications on Energy Levels of Light Nuclei, A = 5 - 20:

Publications: TUNL evaluations of A = 3 - 20, and modified versions of Fay Ajzenberg-Selove's publications of A = 5 - 20, are available here in PDF format. The most recent HTML documents of A = 3 - 20, and EL diagrams of A = 4 - 20 are also available here. Some reprints and preprints may be requested by mail.

HTML for Nuclides: HTML documents are available for individual nuclides found within the TUNL or FAS evaluations.

Resources relating to our publications:

Energy Level Diagrams are available for A = 4 - 20 nuclides.

Tables of Energy Levels: a brief listing of tables of energy levels from the most recent publication for each nuclide A = 4 - 20.

SiteMap and Complete List of Available TUNL Documents: Trying to find a specific TUNL evaluation or preliminary report, HTML document, General Table, Update List or Energy Level Diagram? Click here for a complete list of what's available on our website.

Applications and databases relating to the A = 3 - 20 nuclides:

NSR Key Number Retrieval

ENSDF: Information for A = 2 - 20 nuclides available through the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) site.

Excitation Functions: Compilation of the excitation functions for various (p, X) and (α, X) reactions.

Thermal Neutron Capture Data: Summary of level and branching intensity data measured in Thermal Neutron Capture.

Ground-State Decay Data: Summary of half-life, branching intensity, and mass excess data measured in ground state beta- and charged-particle-decay.

Half-Lives Table: List table of nuclear decay half-lives.

Live Chart of Nuclides - IAEA: Allows to search and plot nuclear structure and nuclear decay data interactively.

AME-Viewer: Java utility for interacting and comparing atomic mass data from the Atomic Mass Data Center 2020 mass evaluation. Vesrion: 17-November-2023, Date updated: 27-November-2023

Helpful links:

TUNL Homepage

TUNL Dissertations: Online access of TUNL dissertations collection. This site is in progress.

Links: Important links to the National Nuclear Data Center, online nuclear physics journals, and other useful sites.

Citation examples: A brief listing of examples of how to format your bibliography, references or citations from the information you obtain from our website.


Email us with problems, questions, suggestions, etc.


Last modified: 18 November 2021

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