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Information of HTML Documents for Nuclei A = 3 - 20

The HTML for Nuclides Project is an ongoing project. It provides HTML documents for each individual nuclide within the mass chains of A = 3 - 20 found in the FAS/TUNL publications spanning the years 1959-present. Along with the production of the HTML documents, corresponding tables, diagrams and references list for each nuclide are also created.

The HTML is similar to the PDF documents we provide for the FAS/TUNL publications. The HTML documents, however, expand beyond the features of our PDF documents by including more features and links in order to make it more interactive and navigable.

Featured links:

    Energy Level Diagrams: GIF/PNG, PDF and EPS formats (example: A=11 Energy Level Diagrams from 2012KE01).

    Tables: PS and PDF formats. In PDF format hyperlinks colored blue for reactions, tables, diagrams and references are also provided (example: Table 10.18 from 2004TI06 (in PDF or PS)).

    New feature: Table Preview links colored orange are provided in PNG/PDF formats for the most recent published nuclides (example: see 11B (2012KE01)).

    Reactions: Link to corresponding nuclide SHTML page (example: 11B reaction 15 in 2012KE01).

    References: Link to NSR data base for NSR key numbers (example: 2011YA02) or to corresponding References SHTML page for TUNL/FAS key numbers (example: 1997ZI1F).

    General Tables for A = 5 - 10: Link to SHTML page (example: 10C).

We have tried to the best of our ability to represent mathmatical and special characters in a reasonable way. You may also view the PDF document for that nuclide or mass chain. To do so, click on the menu button titled "Publications".

Last modified: 28 November 2016