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7He (1979AJ01)

(See the Isobar Diagram for 7He)

GENERAL: See also (1974AJ01) and Table 7.1 [Table of Energy Levels] (in PDF or PS).

See (1974IR04, 1974TH01, 1975PN1A, 1976TR1A, 1977DO06, 1977SH1C, 1978DA06).

1. 7Li(π-, γ)7He Qm = 128.37

The radiative capture has been observed to the ground state of 7He. The (M1) transition is seen Eγ = 126.6 MeV (1976AL1F). See also (1976TR1A).

2. 7Li(n, p)7He Qm = -10.42

At En = 14.8 MeV a proton group is reported corresponding to 7Heg.s.: Γ < 0.2 MeV (1973LI02). See also (1976KI1D).

3. 7Li(t, 3He)7He Qm = -11.18

The 3He particles to the ground state of 7He have been observed at Et = 22 MeV. The width of the ground state is 160 ± 30 keV; for a radius of 2.2 fm and ln = 1, this width is 0.22 of the Wigner limit. The angular distribution is peaked in the forward direction. No other states of 7He were observed for Ex < 2.4 MeV (1967ST04, 1969ST02).

4. 9Be(6Li, 8B)7He Qm = -23.60

At E(6Li) = 80.0 and 93.3 MeV the ground state of 7He is strongly populated, indicating negative parity, as expected. There is no indication of relatively sharp states of 7He with Ex ≲ 10 MeV (1977WE03, 1977WE1B). See also (1974CE1A).