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3Li (2010PU04)


The previous A = 3 evaluations (1975FI08, 1987TI07) identified reactions 1 through 4 below as possible candidates for the observation of a bound or resonant state of three protons. An additional possibility would be the double charge exchange reaction 3H(π+, π-)3Li. There is a report of this reaction (2001PA47), but the pion energy was high, 500 MeV, and the focus of the experiment was on the role of the Δ component in the 3H ground state, not on the possible presence of a resonant three proton state.

A calculation reported in (1996CS02) suggests a three proton resonance with Jπ = 3/2+ at an energy of 15 MeV with a width of 14 MeV.

1. 2H(p, π-)3Li Qm = -147.8155

A study of the reaction pol. p + d → π- + X with Ep = 1.45, 2.10 and 2.70 GeV was reported in (1991AS03). No narrow structure was observed in either the analyzing power or cross section that could be interpreted as a three-body resonance. Other references reporting similar studies are: (1988AB05: Ep = 1 GeV), (1990BA35: Ep = 400 MeV) and (1998DU07, 1999HA06: Ep = 353, 403, 440 MeV). There were no reports of observation of resonant 3Li states.

2. 3He(p, n)3Li Qm = -14.5211

A study of this reaction was reported in (1998PA22) with 200 MeV polarized protons. Cross sections and analyzing powers were measured. Comparisons were made with distorted wave impulse approximation calculations. No evidence of 3Li resonances was seen in the neutron spectrum. Similar studies are reported at the following energies and references: (1993BR05: Ep = 220 MeV), (1996MI11, 2002PR04: Ep = 197 MeV) and (1998SO09: Ep = 100 MeV). None reported evidence of 3Li resonances.

3. 3He(3He, t)3Li Qm = -13.7574

No studies are reported on this reaction.

4. 6Li(3He, 6He)3Li Qm = -17.2471

No studies are reported on this reaction.