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20O (1972AJ02)

(See Energy Level Diagrams for 20O)

GENERAL: See Table 20.1 [Table of Energy Levels] (in PDF or PS).

Model calulations: (1959BR1E, 1960TA1C, 1962TA1B, 1963PA03, 1964CO24, 1964MO1E, 1964PA1D, 1964TR1A, 1965DE1H, 1965FE02, 1966AR10, 1966BR04, 1966TR02, 1967FE01, 1967FL13, 1967LA1H, 1967PI1B, 1968AR02, 1968BE1U, 1968CO1N, 1968FL1C, 1968GU1E, 1968HA17, 1968HA1P, 1968MO1G, 1968PA1Q, 1969FE1A, 1969KU1G, 1969SO08, 1971AR25).

Other theoretical calculations: (1961JA1E, 1966KE16, 1967ST1N, 1968SU1C, 1969SC14, 1971LA1D, 1971LE1H).

General experimental work: (1969AR13, 1971AR02, 1971AR1P).

1. 20O(β-)20F Qm = 3.815

20O decays to 20F*(1.06) [Jπ = 1+] with a half-life of 13.57 ± 0.1 sec (1970MA42), 13.6 ± 1.0 sec (1960SC01). Using Eβ(max) = 2.76 MeV and τ1/2 = 13.57 ± 0.1 sec, log ft = 3.73. Upper limits for the branching to other states of 20F are shown in Table 20.2 (in PDF or PS) (1970MA42). See also (1959AM13) and (1957TH14, 1970AN27, 1970MC23; theor.).

2. 18O(t, p)20O Qm = 3.079
Q0 = 3.086 ± 0.015 (1960JA13);
Q0 = 3.076 ± 0.010 (1962HI06).

Observed proton groups are displayed in Table 20.3 (in PDF or PS): angular distributions lead to the L and Jπ values shown (1960JA13, 1962HI06, 1964MI05, 1965MO19). The J = 2 assignment for 20O*(1.67) is confirmed by the angular correlation of the 1.67 MeV γ-rays (1970NI03). See also (1959JA01, 1967CH1L, 1969BA1Z) and (1964TR1A, 1966TR02, 1967DO1B; theor.).

3. 18O(18O, 16O)20O Qm = -0.628

See (1970MA42).