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16F (1986AJ04)

(See Energy Level Diagrams for 16F)

GENERAL: See also (1982AJ01) and Table 16.24 [Table of Energy Levels] (in PDF or PS) here.

For reactions involving pions see (1983AS01, 1984AS05) and reaction 2. See also (1982BR08, 1983ANZQ, 1983AN25, 1983CO15, 1983KO2B, 1986YA1Q, 1986YA1F).

For a comparison of analog states in 16O and 16F see (1982FA06, 1983KE06, 1984ST10). See also (1985AN28, 1985HA01).

1. (a) 14N(3He, n)16F Qm = -0.957
(b) 14N(3He, np)15O Qm = -0.421

Observed neutron groups from reaction (a) and results from reaction (b) are displayed in Table 16.25 (in PDF or PS).

2. 16O(γ, π-)16F Qm = -154.984

See (1983JE08).

3. 16O(p, n)16F Qm = -16.199

Observed neutron groups are displayed in Table 16.25 (in PDF or PS). Angular distributions have recently been studied at Ep = 35 MeV (1982OR04; n0, n1) and (1982OH03; to 16F*(6.37)), at Ep = 99.1 and 135.2 MeV (1982FA06; see Table 16.25 (in PDF or PS)) and at Ep-bar = 135.2 MeV (1982MA11; to 16F*(6.37)). See also (1983MAZG, 1985FLZZ). (1982AN08) have compared (p, n) cross sections with B(M1). See also 17F, (1984BA1R, 1985OR1G), (1984LI25, 1985OR1H) and (1984BO1N, 1984GAZP, 1984OR01, 1985GA1N, 1985GA11, 1985YA10; theor.).

4. 16O(3He, t)16F Qm = -15.436

Observed triton groups are shown in Table 16.25 (in PDF or PS). Angular distributions at E(3He) = 81 MeV, analyzed by DWBA, and angular correlation measurements [mainly involving protons to 15O*(0, 6.18)], together with information from reactions 1 and 3, lead to the Jπ values shown in the table (1984ST10). The analog of the giant dipole resonance [Ex ≈ 9.5 MeV] is strongly excited. The magnetic quadrupole strength has two strong components in 16F*(0.42, 7.5) (1984ST10). The 4- state at 6.4 MeV and the GDR have also been observed by (1982TA05; E(3He) = 170 MeV). See also (1984VA17) and (1982AJ01).

5. (a) 16O(6Li, 6He)16F Qm = -18.924
(b) 16O(7Li, 7He)16F Qm = -26.62

See (1984GL06; E(6Li) = 93 MeV, E(7Li) = 78 MeV).

6. 19F(3He, 6He)16F Qm = -14.828

See Table 16.25 (in PDF or PS) and (1982AJ01).