Ground-State Decay Evaluated Data

Measured Ground-State Γcm(T1/2) for 18B

Adopted value: < 26 ns (2003AU02)
Measured Mass Excess for 18B

Adopted value: 51852 ± 170 keV (2010SP02)
value and uncertainty derived from 18B unbound by < 10 keV and ΔM(17B) = 43771 keV 170 and ΔM(n) = 8071. Assumes 17B is populated in its ground state.

Neutron Unbound

1984MU27: Not observed in fragmentation of 56Fe on 9Be.
2010SP02: 9Be(19C, 18B → 17B + n), unbound resonance observed at E(17B + n)rel < 10 keV.

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Last modified: 01 July 2021