Ground-State Decay Evaluated Data

Measured Mass Excess for 12Li

Adopted value: 49010 ± 30 keV (2017WA10)

2008AK03: 1H(14Be, n2p), E = 304 MeV/nucleon; measured fragment spectra, neutron spectra, (fragment)(neutron)-coin. Deduced σ(E).
2010GU04: 14C(π-, 2p), E = 264 Mev/nucleon; measured reaction products; 12Li deduced resonance parameters, missing mass spectra.
2010HA04: Be(14Be, 2p), E = 53.4 MeV/nucleon; measured neutron and 11Li spectra from decay of 12Li, and (11Li)n-coin. 12Li deduced levels, J, π.
2013CH30: 14C(π-, 2p), E = 0 MeV; measured reaction products, missing mass. 12Li deduced resonance parameters.
2013KO03: 9Be(14Be, 13Li), E = 53.6 MeV/nucleon; measured 11Li fragment and neutron spectra, three-body (11Li + n + n), and two-body (11Li + n) decay energy spectra. 12Li; deduced levels, ground state resonance energies.
2016GU21: 14C(π-, x), 12Li deduced resonances, resonance parameters.

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Last modified: 30 June 2021