Ground-State Decay Evaluated Data

Measured Ground-State Γcm(T1/2) for 4n

Adopted value: 1.75(37) MeV (2022Du08)

1952SU10: 103Rh, 209Bi(n, 4n), E ≈ 18 MeV; measured reaction products. 4n; deduced tetraneutron yield upper limit.
1965CI01: 4n; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties; non existence.
1968BA48: 4n deduced mass.
1977BA47: 7Li(π-, 3He), E = 0 MeV; measured σ for production of neutron nuclei 4n.
1984UN02: 4He(π-, π+), E = 165 MeV; measured σ(θ) vs pion momentum; deduced bound tetraneutron production σ upper limit.
1985DO19: 6Li(π-, np), E at rest; measured (particle)(particle)-coin; deduced reaction mechanism.
1986BE44: 7Li(11B, 14O), E = 88 MeV; measured product spectra. 4n deduced unbound levels, T1/2, Γ.
1987BO40: 7Li(11B, 14O), E(cm) = 34.2 MeV; measured energy spectra, σ(θ). 4n deduced unbound states.
1988BE02: 7Li(9Be, 12N), E = 58 - 85 MeV; deduced 4n production σ upper limit.
1989GO17: 4He(π-, π+), E = 80 MeV; deduced tetraneutron production σ upper limit.
2002MA21: C(14Be, nX), E = 35 MeV/nucleon; C(11Li, nX), E = 30 MeV/nucleon; C(15B, X), E = 48 MeV/nucleon; measured En, (charged particle)n-, nn-coin, angular distributions; deduced possible neutron cluster formation.
2003OR05: A new approach to the production and detection of bound neutron clusters is described, and the observation of events with the characteristics expected for tetraneutrons (4n) liberated in the breakup of 14Be is also discussed.
2004BEZT: 2H(8He, 6Li), E = 15.8 MeV; measured missing mass spectrum. 4n deduced possible resonance.
2005AL15: 7Li(7Li, 10C), E = 82 MeV; measured particle spectra; deduced resonance formation σ upper limits.
2005MAZZ: C(14Be, X), E ≈ 30 - 50 MeV; analyzed data; deduced evidence for 4n. Possible bound-state and resonance contributions discussed.
2010NI10: 2H(8He, 3He)7H, E = 42 MeV/nucleon; measured 3He spectra; deduced missing-mass spectra of 7H. Search for 7H.
2010NIZT: 2H(8He, 3Het), E = 42 MeV/nucleon; measured E(particle), I(particle), (particle)(particle)-coin. 7H deduced σ(E), 7He missing mass spectra.
2016KI01: 4He(8He, 8Be); E = 186 MeV/nucleon; measured missing-mass spectrum; deduced the tetraneutron system energy of the state with uncertainties, Q-value.
2021MA23: 4He(π-, π+), E = 165 MeV; 7Li(7Li, 10C), E < 65 MeV; analyzed available data. 4n; deduced miltineutron systems.

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Last modified: 23 February 2022