7Li General Table - Astrophysical

1987AL1C: The quark-hadron phase transition and primordial nucleosynthesis
1987AR1C: Nucleosynthesis contributions to the solar nebula
1987AR1J: Primordial nucleosynthesis in the Brans-Dicke theory with a variable cosmological term
1987AU1E: Abundances of hydrogen and lithium elements and cosmological implications
1987BU18: The 3H(α, γ) reaction in the energy range from 0.7 to 2.0 MeV
1987CO1X: Primordial nucleosynthesis and Ω=1 cosmologies with interacting radiation and matter
1987DO1H: Light element production in Barker's cosmologies
1987DU1C: Lithium production in the Big Bang
1987FO1B: The age of the observable universe
1987GR1I: Low energy anti-proton physics in the early Lear era
1987HO1M: The lithium abundance in halo stars
1987KA1R: Radiative α-capture rates leading to A = 7 nuclei: Solar neutrino problem and Big Bang nucleosynthesis
1987KA1V: The E1 polarizability of 7Li and its application to Big Bang production of 7Li
1987MAZC: The quark-hadron phase transition and primordial nucleosynthesis
1987MA2C: The consequences of baryonic diffusion on primordial nucleosynthesis
1987PA1F: Lithium abundances of southern F,G and K dwarfs and subgiants
1987RA1D: Nuclear processes and accelerated particles in solar flares
1987RE1F: Lithium abundance in the extremely metal-deficient dwarf G64-12
1987RO1D: Status of nuclear astrophysics
1987SC18: Astrophysical S-factor of 3H(α, γ)7Li
1987SP1C: Measurement of lithium abundance in dwarf stars of M64
1988AL24: On discrepancies with the low energy 3H(α, γ)7Li reaction cross section
1988AP1A: Neutrino diffusion, primordial nucleosynthesis and the r-process
1988AP1B: Primordial nucleosynthesis as a probe of cosmological QCD
1988AU1C: Nuclear reactions, primordial nucleosynthesis and the solar neutrino problem
1988BA1H: Solar models, neutrino experiments and helioseismology
1988BA2I: Lithium in lower-main-sequence stars of the Alpha-Persei cluster
1988BE2C: How can effects masking possible neutrino oscillations be minimized?
1988BR1H: The Li isotope ratio in population 11 halo dwarfs: Test of late decaying massive particle scenario
1988BU17: Cluster model of A = 7 nuclei revisited and the S34-factors at zero energy
1988CH1Q: Meridional circulation and the lithium abundance gap in F-stars
1988DI1C: Is the universe closed by baryon-nucleosynthesis with a late decaying massive particle?
1988GA1M: Li abundance and metalicities in stars near the main-sequence turnoff and A giant in M67
1988HO1G: Lithium in old open clusters: NGC-188
1988KA07: Nuclear-matter radii of 7Be, 7Li and astrophysical S-factors
1988KA1H: Primordial lithium: New reaction rates, new abundances and new constraints
1988KU1Q: Inhomogeneous nucleosynthesis with neutron diffusion
1988MA1T: The transformation of matter after the Big Bang
1988MA1U: Late-time neutron diffusion and nucleosynthesis in a post QCD inhomogeneous Ω=1 universe
1988ME1B: Neutron diffusion during primordial nucleosynthesis
1988MU1G: γ-ray spectroscopic tests for the anisotropy of accelerated particles in solar flares
1988RE1B: 9Be in highly metal-deficient dwarfs: Early galactic nucleosynthesis and primordial Li
1988RE1C: Primordial nucleosynthesis: The effects of injecting hadrons
1988RE1H: Hadronization phenomena in astronomy
1988SA1U: Search for primordial lithium in the interstellar medium towards SN 1987
1988TA1J: Nucleosynthesis and the origin of the elements
1988VA1H: Lithium nuclear destruction in stellar outer layers: Features of young and old stars
1989AU1C: Primordial lithium and galactic chemical evolution
1989BA2P: Progress of neutrino astrophysics
1989BA64: The Coulomb dissociation method for radiative capture processes of astrophys. interest
1989BO1F: Photoerosion and the abundances of the light elements
1989BO1J: Beryllium abundances in the lithium-deficient Hyades F-stars
1989BO1K: Radioactive ion-beam research on cosmologically interesting reactions
1989BR1M: A search for lithium-rich giant stars
1989CH48: Study of the astrophysical S-factors of 3H(α, γ) and 3He(α, γ) at zero energy
1989CH37: On the astrophysical S-factor of the 3H,3He(α, γ) reactions at zero energy
1989CH1Z: Li abundance in cluster giants: Constraints on meridonal circ. transport on the main sequence
1989DE53: Primordial lithium and the standard model(s)
1989DE1W: The shocking development of lithium (and boron) in supernovae
1989DE46: Effect of electronic screening on cold-nuclear-fusion rates
1989FO1E: Early nucleosynthesis in an inhomogeneous universe
1989GI1E: Carbon isotope ratios and lithium abundances in open cluster giants
1989GU28: Thermonuclear breakup reactions of light nuclei
1989KA18: Branching ratios for the 3H,3He(α, γ) reactions
1989KO16: Nuclear astrophysics from neutron cross section measurements on radioactive samples
1989MU1C: Angular distribution of accelerated particles from solar-flare gamma-ray spectroscopy
1989PR1D: Abundance anomalies in stars and the accretion of nuclear-processed material
1989RE1D: The galactic evolution of lithium
1989SC1L: Cosmology and the weak interaction
1989SC10: Search for electron screening of nuclear reactions at sub-Coulomb energies
1989SM1C: Synthesis of lithium and s-process elements in the small Magellanic cloud
1989ST1L: Lithium abundances among solar-type pre-main-sequence stars
1989TE1E: Nucleosynthesis in the inhomogeneous universe and effects of neutron diffusion
1989WI16: The 7Li(n, γ) reaction to a primordial τ process
1990AL1G: Late-time dissipation of primordial baryon-number fluctuations and nucleosynthesis
1990AR1K: An alternative view of the extragalactic universe
1990BO1T: Measurement of astrophysical cross sections: New needs and possibilities
1990BR12: Atomic effects on nuclear cross sections of astrophysical interest
1990CH1P: Turbulence and the lithium abundance in main sequence and giant stars
1990DE1O: Lithium in halo stars from standard stellar evolution
1990HA07: Neutrino nucleosynthesis in supernovae: Shell model predictions
1990HA1W: Neutrino-induced nucleosynthesis in core-collapse supernovae
1990HO1P: Inhomogeneous nucleosynthesis: Extending the standard model
1990JI1D: Can black-hole accretion produce 7Li?
1990KA1N: Production of the light elements in primordial nucleosynthesis
1990KI1F: Lithium abundances in SC stars
1990KR1F: Big Bang nucleosynthesis: Predictions and uncertainties
1990KU1N: Big Bang nucleosynthesis and the quark-hadron transition
1990MA1N: On interstellar lithium towards SN 1987A as an indicator of primordial lithium
1990MA1Y: Coupled baryon diffusion and nucleosynthesis in the early universe
1990MA1Z: Nuclear reaction uncertainties in standard and non-standard cosmologies
1990MU1F: 7Li and 7Be de-excitation lines: Probes for accelerated particle transport models in solar flares
1990NA1G: Neutron capture cross sections of light nuclei in primordial nucleosynthesis
1990PI1F: Another lithium-rich K-giant: HD-30238
1990RA1O: Nuclear processes and particle acceleration in solar flares
1990RE1G: On the origin of lithium
1990RO1F: Astrophysical measurements: Current and future
1990SC1M: Nuclear physics and cosmology
1990SI1D: Spallation processes and nuclear interaction products of cosmic rays
1990SM1D: On the occurrence of enhanced lithium in magnetic cloud red giants
1990SO1G: The evolution of Li abundance of solar-type stars: The Hyades and Coma-Berenices clusters
1990ST1H: Primordial nucleosynthesis: The next significant figure
1990SU1G: High-resolution computations on inhomogeneous nucleosynthesis
1990SW1A: Is there a classical Hyades lithium problem
1990TE1B: Production of 9Be and heavy elements in the inhomogeneous universe
1990TH1C: Explosive nucleosynthesis in SN-1978A: Composition, radioactivities and the neutron star mass
1990TH1E: Nucleosynthesis and nucl. reactions in standard and inhomogeneous Big Bang models and beyond
1990UT02: Continuous distribution of α-t relative energies in 7Li breakup reactions
1990UT03: Breakup of 7Li near the α-t threshold and a possible probe of radiative-capture processes
1990UT1D: Nonresonant breakup of 7Li as an astrophys. probe of the radiative capture process
1991AB1B: IY HYA: A new super lithium-rich carbon star
1991BE05: Direct projectile breakup and its relation to the astrophysically relevant fission reactions
1991BO1B: Photoerosion and the abundance of 7Li, 9Be, 10B and 11B near active galactic nuclei
1991BO1G: Li, C, N, O abundance in the atmosphere of the K-giants 39CYG and ALPHA-ARI
1991BR1G: The shock process and light-element production in supernova envelopes
1991DE1E: Lithium abundances in carbon stars
1991NA19: Neutron capture cross sections of light nuclei in primordial nucleosynthesis
1991RA1J: Population III objects and lithium abundance
1991RI03: Primordial nucleosynthesis revisited
1992CE02: Radiative capture of protons by light nuclei at low energies
1992EN04: Isotopic dependence of electron screening in fusion reactions
1992LA1M: s-process nucleosynthesis on the asymtotic giant branch
1992ST1A: Production of Li, Be and B in the early universe
1993BA57: 2H induced reactions on 8Li and primordial nucleosynthesis
1993BO13: Reaction rate for destruction of 7Li and primordial nucleosynthesis
1993BO1G: Recent experimental advances in primordial nucleosynthesis
1993BO1Y: The explosive thermonuclear formation of 7Li revisited
1993CZ01: Subthreshold resonance effects in the mirror reactions 6Li(d, p) and (d, n)
1993HA48: Current status of nuclear astrophysics
1993LE1C: Interstellar lithium and the 7Li/6Li ratio toward ρ-Oph
1993MA1M: Probing the early universe: Review of primordial nucleosynthesis beyond the Big Bang
1993RA1E: Line-spectroscopic approach to study of solar neutrinos
1993RE1D: The 7Li/6Li ratio and the stellar yield of 7Li
1993SM1A: The 6Li/7Li ratio in the metal-poor halo dwarfs HD-19445 and HD-84937
1993ST1D: Cosmic-ray nucleosynthesis in the early galaxy
1993ST1F: The significance of the interstellar 7Li/6Li ratio
1993TI01: Soft monopole mode in weakly bound light nuclei with astrophysical significance
1994BA1A: Coulomb dissociation studies as a tool of nuclear astrophysics
1994BE29: Neutron capture rates of light isotopes for inhomogeneous Big Bang nucleosyth.
1994BR25: The 3H(α, γ)7Li reaction at low energies
1994CH1K: The primordial abundance of Li and Be
1994CH53: Electron capture rates of light elements of astrophysical interest
1994DE09: 7Li + p and 7Be + n reactions in a microscopic three-cluster model
1994DE05: The 7Be,7Li(α, γ) reactions in a microscopic three-cluster model
1994JE1A: Inhomog. primordial nucleosynthesis-coupled nucl. reactions and hydrodynamic dissipation processes
1994KA02: Vacuum-polarization corrections to solar-fusion rates
1994KH07: Nonequil. cosmological nucleosynthesis of light elements-calc. by the Monte-Carlo method
1994PA40: The reaction rate of 8Li(d, t)7Li
1995BA06: Cross sections and reaction rates of d + 8Li reactions involved in Big Bang nucleosynthesis
1995CH1R: A consistent explanation for 12C/13C, 7Li and 3He anomalies in red giant stars
1995KA21: Inhomogeneous Big Bang model revived, and evolution of the light elements in cosmic-rays
1995KR1A: Big Bang nucleosynthesis constraints and light element abundance estimates
1995MA1R: News on the galactic evolution of lithium
1995NA1P: Radiative capture reactions for solar neutrino problem and exchange currents in nuclei
1995RO37: Status report on electron screening
1996FI1B: Model-independent predictions of Big Bang nucleosynthesis
1996GO01: Search for p-waves in low-energy proton capture reactions relevant to the solar neutrino problem
1996HA1D: Salty water Cerenkov detectors for solar neutrinos
1996HE1B: On the synthesis of 7Li and 7Be in novae
1996HO1D: Solving the crisis in Big Bang nucleosynthesis by the radiative decay of an exotic particle
1996LA1G: Nucleosynthesis in the Big Bang and in stars
1996OL1A: Big Bang nucleosynthesis: An update
1996RE16: Coulomb dissociation experiments of astrophysical significance
1997BE62: Nuclear astrophysics in storage rings
1997CA36: Indirect measurement of nuclear reaction cross sections at astrophysical energies
1997FI1C: Model independent predictions of Big Bang nucleosynthesis from 4He and 7Li: Consistency and implications
1997IG01: Nucl. vertex constants for 7Li --> α + t and 7Be --> 3He + α and the capture reactions
1997LO13: Effect of finite nucleon mass on primordial nucleosynthesis
1997ME02: Suggested correction to He, Li and Be astrophys. prod. cross sections in α + α reactions
1998FI02: Quantifying uncertainties in primordial nucleosynthesis without Monte Carlo simulations
1998SC1A: Big-Bang nucleosynthesis enters the precision era
1998UT04: Astrophysical implications of non-resonant break-up of 7Li
1999AN35: A compilation of charged-particle induced thermonuclear reaction rates
1999BU10: Sharpening the predictions of Big Bang nucleosynthesis
2001JO13: Classical novae: Sources of CNO-model and γ-ray emitters
2001VA22: The impact of the NACRE compilation on the Big Bang nucleosynthesis
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