6Be General Table
Cluster model:

2001VA07: Algebraic model for scattering in three-s-cluster systems. II. Resonances in the three-cluster continuum of 6He and 6Be

Model calculations:

1988GU13: Correlated basis functions computation of spectra of light nuclei
1989DA05: Calculation of 0+ T = 1 states of A = 6 nuclei in α+2n model with local potentials
1990DA22: True 3-particle decay states and method of hyperspherical functions; 0+ state of 6Be
1991DA08: Dynamical multicluster model with hyperspherical harmonics; electroweak and charge-exchange rxns
1991DA04: A = 6 (Jπ = 0+, 1+) states studied in micro. α+2n model; hyperspherical functions
1991KU1B: Multicluster models of light nuclei predict strong, EM and weak interactions
1992DAZT: 3-3 resonant scattering and A = 6 nuclei excited states
1993DA07: Resonance 3to3 scattering and structure of the excited states of A = 6 nuclei
1993PO11: Shell-model calculations of several properties of exotic light nuclei (Z = 2 - 9; A = 4 - 30)
1994CS04: 3-body resonances in A = 6 nuclei; soft dipole mode problem of neutron halo nuclei
1995KU08: 3-body α+2N model with realistic nuclear forces; calc. Coulomb displacement of 6Be levels
1995KU1G: Spectra, Coulomb displacements, static characteristics using the New Dynamic Model


1988CA26: Reaction rates of astrophysically important thermonuclear reactions involving light nucl.
1989BE08: Electron screening effects in low-energy fusion reactions; calc. astrophysical S-factor

Other topics:


1989RA16: Predictions of B(E2; 0+1 to 2+1) values for even-even nuclei
1996DA31: Nuclei with two-particle neutron halo: theory and recent experiment

Other articles:
1988CO15: Thomas-Ehrman shift across the proton dripline; calc. masses of proton-rich nuclei
1989SP01: Reduced electric-octupole transition probabilities, B(E3; 0+1 to 3-1), for even-even nucl.
1995PU05: Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of A le 6 nuclei
1997BA54: Microscopic study of ground state properties using the Skyrme Hartree Fock model
1997PO12: Coulomb energies of light nuclei - an effective formula
1997SH23: Isovector quadrupole term in sum rule relating scissors mode excitations to B(E2) values

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